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    Welcome to DESIGN AND MAPPING The Perfect Brow ™️

    • MEET ELAINE ......

    • Introduction - Designing & Mapping The Perfect Brow ™️

    • Consultation is Key

    • Points To Remember When Designing & Mapping Brows

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    DESIGN AND MAPPING The Perfect Brow ™️ Webinar

    • Client 1 - Design & Mapping The Perfect Brow™️

    • Client 2 - Design & Mapping The Perfect Brow ™️

    • BONUS MATERIAL Sharpening your pro pencil

    • List of my go to products for design and mapping and discount code ....

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Meet Elaine

Coming from a background of hair and makeup led me into the permanent makeup industry after having my daughter.

I have been fortunate enough to have trained with some of the best artists in the world and to think now my own work is recognised globally is mind blowing.

I get to work on so many beautiful faces every day.
The people I have met and friends I have made on the way, students I have taught from all over the world and my lovely loyal clients... I will be forever grateful.

I feel so lucky to have fallen into a career that I adore and that gives me the determination to progress in my work.
Motivation comes from within, I am the geek who wants to know the ins and outs, why’s and wherefores of everything I do, critiquing my work constantly to improve.

My advice to anyone starting in this industry is to master one thing at a time and to remember you are only as good as the skin you are working in.
Make sure to manage your clients expectations, we are artists, not magicians.

Looking forward with lots of plans and exciting things happening, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being part of my journey and supporting me so far...... When I’m not at work you can usually find me at the stables with my husband & daughter, horses and dogs, wearing wellies and covered in mud……a far cry from the glamorous world of Permanent Makeup.

Lots of love Elaine xxx